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Decarbonise your buildings and save energy:   

We have secured Government funding, up to March 2025, to support the decarbonisation of non-domestic buildings in Greater Manchester.        

Our programme will support commercial and public sector building owners to accelerate the deployment of low-carbon energy innovations that enable commercial and public buildings to decarbonise rapidly.                

Innovations Supported:

Our programme supports a range of low-carbon innovations which can measure and optimise energy use, improve energy efficiency, and integrate renewable energy technologies to help reduce carbon emissions.

Sectors Supported:





Arts and Culture

We're delighted to be at the forefront of supporting the reduction of carbon emissions from public sector buildings in Greater Manchester. The city-region has an ambitious target to be carbon neutral by 2038, with the large public sector estate able to play a leading role in helping to achieve this goal.

David Schiele, Director, Energy Innovation Agency



- Solve your greatest energy challenges

- Increase energy efficiency and sustainability in your organisation

- Increase energy diversification / optimise your energy

- Reduce energy costs

- Create a green culture in the workforce to overcome barriers to reducing energy use


If you’d like to learn more about our programme please contact us for more details about how to get involved.


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