Low-carbon energy innovators that we support

To accelerate the energy transition towards net zero goals, we are committed to encouraging growth and investment in green, cleantech & low-carbon companies and supporting them to improve the market accessibility of their innovative, energy efficient solutions.

Below is a list of the innovative low-carbon energy businesses we work with.

Please get in touch for more details about any of the companies and/or innovations which you feel meet your decarbonisation needs and goals.

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Alpha 311

The Alpha 311 turbine is a unique energy-harvesting turbine, designed to be retrofitted to existing infrastructure and can capture natural airflow when installed on top of buildings.

Generating their own energy is another way to help businesses reduce the amount of energy being drawn from the gride, while also reducing their carbon footprint and provide a sustainable solution to growing energy consumption.

Conservatory Insulations

A specially designed quilt and Internal finishing board, coupled with our specialist installation process combine to make the C.H.R.I.S.® system a unique way to insulate and upgrade a conservatory. 

By insulating existing conservatories, we make them warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, giving consumers a garden room they can use all year round, whatever the weather. 

Discrete Heat 

ThermaSkirt H₂O is an energy efficient infrared radiant heating system, cleverly designed to look just like a traditional skirting board. By combining 2 elements in one, it will save you valuable wall and floor space, improve the aesthetics of your room and reduce your energy bills.

ThermaSkirt is manufactured using a highly conductive aluminium alloy that radiates heat up to 5 times more effectively than steel. ThermaSkirt responds in minutes and works with any floor construction or covering. Connecting onto any typical central heating system, boiler or heat pump, ThermaSkirt carries all necessary testing and safety certificates.

DoorCo Ltd

ORiGINAL is DoorCo’s range of industry-leading foam-filled composite doors made with recycled PVC, foam and GRP skins to create a durable, energy efficient external door solution with a low core U-Value of 0.78 and door set U Value of as low as 0.82. 

The benefit of the ORiGINAL foam-filled door range is that it provides homeowners with a reliable, weather-resistant and thermally-efficient external door option whilst having the widest range of design options at their fingertips, so they can enjoy style and substance.  

Enviroheat HET

Hot water cylinders are thermally insulated tanks which store hot water for use whenever required. Stored hot water means the heating system doesn’t need to be constantly running to provide hot water. The Enviroheat Smart Cyl does this even more efficiently than standard cylinders thanks to its integrated HET technology.  

A game-changing product available in sizes from 90 to 500 litres which delivers:  

- Up to 40% energy savings  
- Up to 100% more usable hot water 
- 30% more energy storage    
- Compatibility with all heat sources – heat pump, gas boiler, electric immersion  

Flutter Shutter Ltd

Flutter Shutter™ is an alternative window replacement product that has an energy efficiency rating parallel to triple glazing. It works when the louvres are open, allowing natural light to flow through the room, saving you energy and money. It is also an aesthetic window feature that will increase your EPC band Rating. 

The benefits of Flutter Shutter™ are it will help in reaching Net Zero targets and decarbonisation. It will save you energy and money, increase the EPC band rating, it has an energy rating parallel to triple glazing without having to install triple glazing. It is environmentally friendly, it can reduce the outside noise pollution, it is fully draught proofed, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. 

Green Mole Limited

Below pavement EV charging. Retrofit valve for Combi-boilers that controls flow to save carbon, water, gas. Giant solar panelled Smartflower follows the sun for maximum efficiency and is self-cleaning when panels/petals close. 

Enables home/business charging where there is no offroad parking. End user gets faster hot water while saving time and money with no behaviour change required. Premium product making efficient clean energy while showcasing sustainability and green credentials. 

Grid Edge

The Grid Edge AI solution empowers commercial buildings to Net Zero, making the complex world of energy simple. Using data, AI & machine learning it delivers continuous optimisation of carbon and cost across your real estate portfolio typically delivering 20%+ savings and a return on investment in less than a year.

Heat Innovations

Heat Innovations offers a patented wafer-thin heating film called the iHelios Radiant Heating, which can be installed in ceilings, floors, or panels. This heating system can reduce energy consumption by 30% to almost 100% when compared to other electric heating systems, especially when combined with solar panels and battery storage.

Naked Energy Ltd

VirtuHOT is a solar heat collector generating heat to up to 120°C. The VirtuPVT collector combines solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar heat technology generating electricity and heat up to 75°C from a single collector.

The highest energy density solar collectors available globally, optimising outputs and delivering maximum energy with limited installation space:

- 100% zero carbon energy
- up to 50% greater returns
- 4x carbon savings compared to solar PV
- Enhanced ESG performance
- Reduced development and project costs

Organic Heat Exchangers

EnergiVault is a thermal energy storage system, a cold battery to support industrial refrigeration systems. EnergiVault stores cold energy as ice slurry, tiny ice crystals suspended in a parent fluid, and can be discharged in very flexibly to provide process and space cooling in support of existing refrigeration systems. 

EnergiVault has two primary benefits. Demand for cooling and supply of electricity can be delinked; the battery can be charged using low-cost/low-carbon electricity, discharging to replace high-cost/high-carbon electricity. Secondly, it provides peak cooling support, when existing system are unable to provide the required cooling load. 

Senergy Innovation Ltd

Senergy has developed a solar thermal panel that can be cost effectively and aesthetically integrated into buildings. The panels can operate alongside other renewable technologies (heat pumps, PV) to reduce the cost of delivering hot water and heating into homes to a price point that will compete with gas, oil and electricity. 

Senergy panels provide a more aesthetic solar thermal panel that gives the architect much more flexibility with design. The cost of delivering hot water is reduced by up to 60%, the cost of combined water and heating is reduced by up to 30%, and the carbon by 20% in manufacturing and installation.  

F&T Terrix Ltd

Including Polymer Silicate Render and Quartz brick slips. Long term sustainable spray render and brick slips that are fully breathable &  fire-retardant. The chemical bonding of the product means no delamination or cracking and extended durability with less maintenance. Less energy consumption, reduced waste and less labour extensive on build phase. Brick slips, are a light weight system & require no cavity design.

TERRIX® Wall Insulation Solutions are designed to enhance thermal insulation of your house slowing the loss of heat. Reducing your energy bills whilst improving the overall visual looks of your property, adding value and protected for the long term. Black mould and algae resistant, pollution protected, longevity of colour with reduced maintenance.

Vacuum Glazing Network

PassivGlas is essentially a double-glazed unit but the micro millimetre spacing between the panes are vacuumed instead of being filled with gas. The result is a very slim piece of vacuum glazing, from 5.3mm, that has U-Values as low as A.47W / mZK and sound reduction properties of 38 decibels.

Its ultra-low U-value will assist in reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the end user. lt supersedes Future Homes Standards and has a life. expectancy of 25+ years. lt can be made into a hybrid double glazed unit to be retrofitted into existing frame profiles. lt can be used to upgrade period wooden frames.

Vector Homes Ltd

Vector Homes manufactures sustainable homes using nanomaterial-enhanced recycled and natural materials. Designed for rapid assembly, these dwellings are future-proofed for streamlined post-occupancy upgrades. 

Affordability, rapid construction, and eco-friendly materials make ownership accessible and eco-conscious.

Future-proofing ensures long-term adaptability and upgrade ease, maximising homeowners' investment.