Generation & Storage

The UK has seen significant growth in renewable energy over the last decade and has an ambitious target for 100% renewable power generation 2035. Energy Storage is a fundamental partner to the increased levels of intermittent generation. Greater Manchester also has far-reaching goals for switching to renewables, but with only 2.5% of GM's energy currently generated from low-carbon energy, we need innovative solutions that can make a big impact.

The support of the Agency and our partners will help accelerate your innovation's journey to deployment, and connect your business to a market ready for effective and scalable solutions.

  • GM 2024 target: 45MW of additional generation
  • UK target: 5GW of low carbon hydrogen production by 2030

Decarbonisation of Heat

Reducing carbon emissions produced for heating is an essential part of reaching Greater Manchester's ambitious target to be a carbon-neutral city region - GM aims to have 60% of homes and businesses powered by low carbon heating by 2030. Through the Agency and our partners, we provide support to empower innovative solutions that can be deployed at scale to accelerate the decarbonisation of heat in buildings.

  • GM 2024 target: 10.2 TWh of low carbon heat
  • UK target: Decarbonisation of domestic heating supporting 50,000 new jobs by 2030

Low-Carbon Transport

Transport accounts for one-third of Greater Manchester's carbon emissions, and air pollution contributes to over 1,200 deaths per year. To combat this, the Mayor has launched the GM Clean Air Zone, which is set to cover the whole of Greater Manchester. The predicted increase in EV uptake and charging requirements is also going to bring new demands on our energy systems.

Whether its low carbon transport itself (EVs or sustainable transport initiatives) or the systems, models, and data (charging infrastructure, flexibility solutions) that underpin the shift to a carbon neutral GM, we want to hear about your innovation.

  • GM target: Up to 200,000 low carbon vehicles in the region
  • UK Target: No ICE cars sold by 2030, buses to be carbon zero

Diversity & Flexibility

In 2020, renewable electricity contributed up to 40% of the UK's generation mix. With significant growth of intermittent generation such as wind and solar, combined with the electrification of heat and transport, we are likely to see new usage patterns and challenges for the UK's transmission and distribution networks.

Ensuring the UK has a diverse energy mix will help to increase stability, and flexibility will have a huge role in avoiding costly grid capacity upgrades. The Government's Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan found that grid flexibility could reduce annual energy systems costs by £10bn annually by 2050, while also creating 24,000 jobs.

We recognise not all solutions will be hardware based - this transition will require innovative, smart-tech solutions including software, infrastructure, and financial models to support our carbon-neutral targets.

  • GM 2024 target: 45MW of diverse / flexible load
  • UK target: Raise R&D spend to 2.4% by 2027 to facilitate green innovation

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